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ISO 9001:2008

Whatever products are being manufactured, choosing an ISO certified company ensures quality is paramount to your product. You may be asking yourself, just because a company has a fancy certification, how does that ensure my product will be manufactured better than going to another company who isn't certified? Good question!

Before we get into how an ISO certified company is better than a company that isn't certified, let's first discuss what ISO certification really is and how it applies to manufacturing. Simply put, having ISO certification means the manufacturer is certified to an international quality standard. This means that the company has various procedures and systems in place to ensure the manufacturing processes are of high quality, therefore reducing the chance of errors. If problems occur, ISO ensures a system to address manufacturing issues, steps to resolve them and hopefully prevent them from reoccurring. Quality in manufacturing not only indicates a well-produced product that meets the required specifications, but it also ensures that like products are manufactured consistently every time.

Here is a list of what ISO 9001:2008 means for us as a manufacturer:

Based on the above, below is a list of what you can expect from doing business with an ISO 9001:2008 certified manufacturer:

What's great about working with an ISO certified company is that you have access to their processes to see if they meet your expectations of what you require from a fabricator. If there happens to be issues with the quality of your parts, you can rest assure that an ISO certified manufacturer will strive to resolve, correct and prevent those issues reoccurring, communicating with the customer at all times.

Simply put, working with an ISO certified company is like having added protection or insurance that your parts will be made with the best quality and customer service, and should any problems arise, the company will resolve and prevent reoccurrence. So when it comes to choosing a manufacturer, investing in a company who is certified, not only provides the best value for money for a well-produced product, but you are receiving the whole, all round package.

At Kirkgate Engineering Ltd, we have seen a huge increase in satisfaction from our customers since attaining ISO 9001. Many companies wouldn't consider doing business with us unless we were ISO certified. However, what sets us apart from the other metal fabricators is that in addition to our certification, we have knowledge, resources, and expertise.

BSEN ISO 1090-1

Since 01 July 2014 it is a criminal offence to supply and trade structural metalwork on the European market unless it adheres to this standard and carries a legitimate CE mark. CE Marking is also a requirement of the Construction Products Regulation to harmonise the safety performance of construction products across the EU. CE Marking is however regulated by criminal law and the penalties for not adhering to this mandate may result in fine, imprisonment or product recall.

This law affects the industry as a whole and includes everything from the design of the product to the manufacture and install.

A number of small to medium sized fabrication companies have chosen not to invest their time and money into gaining the CE Marking certification, which means that it is illegal for them to supply & manufacture fabricated steelwork.

Kirkgate Engineering have invested heavily in attaining the CE Marking BS EN ISO 1090 standard which helps keep us ahead of the competition and assures you, the customer, that your product is made and complies to the international standard.

Linde Gas published a PDF to explain the whole process and implications of the BSEN ISO 1090 standard. We highly recommend the reading of the document available here

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